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Hajj Abu Mazen

Muhammad Rabee ‘Zaidan Shehadeh al-Jamal, born 12/13-1946, his father used to open a shop in the al-Qazzazin neighborhood, died in 1973 year. He worked with Abd al-Salam Fannoun in bakeries and mastered the work of pastries and sweets as well as learning the art of making Qedreh with ghee, which Hebron is famous for. In 1968 he traveled to Jordan and worked in the (Jabri) restaurant, which is one of the most famous restaurants there, and there was a section that prepared food for the royal palaces, and in this section he learned the art of making sheep, chickens and stuffed pigeons. He returned to the West Bank, and moved to the food field again by opening a restaurant in the industrial area, which is the restaurant that still exists to this day and bears the name of Abu Mazen Restaurant. After that, we, thank God, inaugurated the Abu Mazen Hotel to be a place of pride and hospitality in the city of Hebron.